E-Mail at  BlueRockBakery@verizon.net
Facility Policies
Blue Rock Bakery maintains a professional environment and protects its equipment and customers. Our facility is Non-Smoking (Smoking is acceptable on our back patio). 

Blue Rock Bakery is a closed session environment. During your sessions the studio is only available to studio staff, necessary and immediate members of the band or group, your producer(s) and required assistants. If we feel for any reason that a member or guest with you is unnecessary, Blue Rock Bakery reserves the right to ask that the individual(s) leave the studio facility. No animal or pets please.

Use of Studio Instruments and Equipment
Blue Rock Bakery owns a variety of stringed instruments, pianos, percussion, amps and drums. You are welcome to use our gear to track.   Blue Rock Bakery reserves the right to change any or all parts of our policies at any time without prior notice.