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Studio Environment
Blue Rock Bakery is outfitted with a digital audio workstation, using audio recording software SONAR by Cakewalk which interfaces with of variety of digital recording equipment, enabling 16 discreet track recordings. 

Our studio computers are packed with the latest plug-in equipment that the recording industry has to offer. We are equipped with choice gear to supplement your own instruments to achieve the sound you're aiming for.

Equipped with a studio recording room, treated with sound absorbing techniques to provide the appropriate recording environment. The control room and listening area has a different acoustic purpose to allow the listener to hear the direct sound coming from the monitor speakers, with no influence or coloration by the room’s acoustics.

​We have a large collection of microphones used for vocals and instruments. Whether you're looking for gritty authenticity or perfect clarity, our range of instrumental and vocal microphones guarantee an almost limitless sound palette.